QOD & More EBay “Bargains”

June 5, 2007

Allow me to add my voice to that of Julius Nam on Progressive Adventism regarding the upcoming Questions on Doctrine 50th Anniversary Conference (October 24-27, 2007) at Andrews University. The Conference has a website at http://qod.andrews.edu/index.html with all the details.

In my last post Ebay History #2 I mentioned a few items of interest:

  • Scripture Searcher 1-7 Published by Hastings Horace Lorenzo, (Keyport, New Jersey: E Wolcott, 1870). SOLD for US $77.76
  • Jesus is Coming Again Published in Herald of the Morning, Vol. 11, No 2, August, 1880. (Rochester, NY: Nelson H. Barbour). SOLD for US $305.00 !!!
  • John Couch The Two-Horned Beast (Boston: The Advent Christian Publication Society, Not Dated, c.1870-1874). Sold for US $24.99
  • [J. N. Andrews] The Two Laws (Battle Creek: Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association, Not Dated c.1860). Sold for US $32.55

There are two more items currently for sale from the same dealer who has obviously obtained a group of such items:

  • God’s Memorial by James White (Battle Creek: Seventh Day Adventist Publishing Association, Not dated, circa 1870).
  • Why Evil was Permitted by Henry Smith Warleigh (New York: George Storrs, Circa [1847-1863])

I don’t know who Henry Smith Warleigh was, but George Storrs was a Methodist minister who became a Millerite & is best known for his promotion of the doctrine of Conditional Immortality. You can read some of Storrs’ sermons on the topic here. A brief biography of Storrs can be found here (scroll down the page).


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