Ebay History #2

May 24, 2007

Currently there are a number of interesting articles related to the early history of Adventism for sale on eBay. Perhaps someone with more money than me will purchase them and donate them to the Center for Adventist Research at Andrews University or the Heritage Room at Loma Linda University. (On second thoughts, donate to the Heritage Room at Loma Linda University, as the Center for Adventist Research still has not responded to my emails concerning the free availability of heritage photos from their collection–see my post here).

Items include:

  • Scripture Searcher 1-7 Published by Hastings Horace Lorenzo, (Keyport, New Jersey: E Wolcott, 1870).
  • Jesus is Coming Again Published in Herald of the Morning, Vol. 11, No 2, August, 1880. (Rochester, NY: Nelson H. Barbour). (Nelson H. Barbour was a Millerite Adventist and predicted Christ’s return in 1873, and when that failed, he revised the prediction for 1874. Soon after that disappointment, Barbour’s group came to believe that Christ had returned in 1874 but invisibly.
  • John Couch The Two-Horned Beast (Boston: The Advent Christian Publication Society, Not Dated, c.1870-1874).
  • [J. N. Andrews] The Two Laws (Battle Creek: Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association, Not Dated c.1860).


  1. I love the fact that you check ebay for that kind of stuff. You are a true historian. It’s amazing what’s out there.

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  3. Dear Sirs,
    I am a spanish student doing his doctoral dissertation at the University of Barcelona (Spain). I am very interested to locate an hymnal edited by N.H. Barbour in 1877 with title SONGS OF THE MORNING.
    This is very important for my dissertation.
    Can anybody help me to locate a copy of this hymnal?

    And it would be very useful for me to know what kind of other hymnals were used by Adventists (specially by followers of Barbour at the end of the XIXth Century).
    Many thanks

  4. Unfortunately I can find no record of such a book on Worldcat.

    • I have found an hymnal “The Jubilee Harp”, published in 1874 by Advent Christian Church.
      It seems that the editors were S.S. Brewer, S.G. Mathewson and A.T. Gorham.

      Could you supply any biographical info about these Advent Church members?

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