ASDAH Part 3

May 14, 2007

Sabbath began with a presentation by Clifford Jones: “In Search of Utopia: James K. Humphrey and the Seventh-day Adventists” Humphrey is the subject of both Jones’ PhD thesis and his recently published book: James K. Humphrey and the Sabbath-day Adventists (University Press of Mississippi, 2006) ISBN: 978-1578068913 Jones’ presentation was excellent and illustrates the kind of work that needs to be done on any number of neglected SDA historical persons. For those collectors of trivia, Humphrey’s middle name (the K) is Kemuel. Information on Humphrey can also be found in:

Jones, R. C. “Humphrey and the United Sabbath Day Adventists, 1930-2000.” Andrews University Seminary Studies 43:1 (2005): 77-90.
Joe Mesar and Tom Dybdahl. “The Utopia Park Affair and the Rise of Northern Black Adventists.” Adventist Heritage, 1:1 (1974) 34-41,53.

The second presentation was by Carlos Schwantes (pictured below) : “The Notion of Time in Adventist History”. Schwantes pointed out that SDAism has historically placed great emphasis on time rather than on geography.


That ended the formal presentations. On Sunday morning, Joan Francis (pictured below) was elected ASDAH president and as a result it was determined that the next ASDAH meeting in 2 or 3 years will be in Washington DC at Columbia Union College. joan-francis.jpg
It was a wonderful conference, I had a fantastic time meeting new people. See you in 2008/2009!

If you are a SDA historian and are interested in being on the ASDAH mailing list then you may contact Brian Strayer at Andrews University: bstrayer AT andrews DOT edu


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