ASDAH Part 2

May 7, 2007

The first Friday afternoon session was split into two: a session on the the global SDA church to feature four papers from South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, the Philippines, and India. Unfortunately two of the presenters were unable to attend–Erasmo Gauson from the Philippines who was to present on “Adventists in Barrio Bagon-taas, Velencia City” and Franklin Samraj who was to present a paper titled “Understanding the Challenges and Priorities of Adventism in India”.

The good news (!) was that left more time for Loverne Jacobs-Browne from the University of the Southern Caribbean to present on “Adventism in Trinidad and Tobago“, and for my paper “The SDA Church and Race Relations in South Africa“. As I was presenting I did unfortunately miss out on the parallel session–a panel discussion on “The Art of Teaching”.

The 4.00-5.30 session again had parallel sessions that I wanted to see. I chose to attend the American Politics session with a presentation on the “Political Thought of A. T. Jones” by Gary Wood and “The Intertextual Voice of the Montgomery Bus Boycott as Articulated in Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘Address to the First Montgomery Home Improvement Association’ Mass Meeting” by Ramona Hyman. I enjoyed Wood’s presentation & while I also enjoyed Hyman’s I felt a bit out of depth as she came from a perspective of literary criticism.

Attending this session however, meant I missed out on Feminists in the 19th Century with papers presented by Holly Fisher: “Two Unlikely Sisters of the 19th Century: Ellen White and Sarah Dudley Pettey: African American Womanhood, Empowerment, Religion, and Education”, and Fred Hoyt “Happy Black Phoebe Jacobs”.

The Friday evening session featured a discussion of Questions on Doctrine with papers by Julius Nam, “Questions on Doctrine and M. L. Andreason: the Behind-the Scenes Interactions“, and Paul McGraw–“The View from Outside the Veil” focussing on non-Adventist responses to the book.

Julius Namjulius.jpg


One comment

  1. I really appreciate these reports. Great pictures too!

    I wonder if the wonderful number of articles on the Black church was indicative of where the conference took place- were these presenters local or was there a theme?

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