Ebay History

April 24, 2007

I have just returned from the ASDAH meetings at Oakwood College & will be blogging about them soon. In the meantime, I just thought that someone out there may be interested in a current item on ebay–an evangelistic banner focusing on prophecies from Daniel printed in 1911 by the Review & Herald Publishing Company.


You can see the item with a number of other pictures here.

Please note that I make no claims for the authenticity of the object nor the reliability of the seller.

I have previously mentioned the Jenks Memorial Collection at Aurora University (Aurora was started by the Advent Christian Church, also a denomination arising out of the Millerites.) which does have pictures of some of their collection of Prophecy Charts which make interesting viewing. I have also mentioned that a short illustrated article on Millerite art can be found here.

Ebay occasionally has some nice items–though they are rarely cheap. I purchased a copy of Luther Boutelle’s 1891 autobiography: Sketch of the Life and Religious Experience of Elder Luther Boutelle (Boston: Advent Christian Publication Society) from an ebay seller recently.

UPDATE: The evangelistic banner referred to above ultimately sold for USD $383. Of course if your church has one lying around in the attic or basement, you’ll donate it to the Center for Adventist Research  or similar–won’t you?


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