Bacchiocchi’s Sabbath to Sunday–Take 2

November 20, 2006

Some weeks ago I blogged referencing allegations concerning Samuele Bacchiocchi’s academic credentials and the issue of the imprimatur associated with his book Sabbath to Sunday. Bacchiocchi has recently responded to some of the allegations that were originally raised by Dr. Barbara Bergami–the Secretary General of the Pontifical Gregorian University, who apparently mailed a letter, dated 11 June 2004, about Bacchiocchi’s credentials to the Most Reverend James A. Murray, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Bacchiocchi’s Endtime Issues newsletter #159 addressing some of the issues raised may be found here.

As far as I’m concerned Bacchiocchi’s credentials have been shown to exist and to be what he said they were.

I must say that it is difficult to imagine the Secretary General of the Pontifical Gregorian University lying or deliberately falsifying information. It would seem to me that perhaps the problem has arisen because of the somewhat irregular nature of Bacchiocchi’s credentials–a hand-written certificate instead of the official printed one, missing the medal-giving ceremony, etc. (which he himself freely admits).

Stephen Korsman has blogged comprehensively on Bacchiocchi’s response here. He states:

“I await Bacchiocchi’s follow-up. He’s off to Australia now, and when he gets back, there should be more. I hope to see his explanation of a) the imprimatur, b) the continued use of the imprimatur on an edition for which it was not obtained, c) the use of the name of Gregorian University Press on newer editions in a way that looks official, and d) evidence of the initial publication by them.
On this evidence alone, however, I think it’s a very good time for Gregorian University to either recant or to provide their own documentation. Their argument is strong. But now Bacchiocchi’s argument is also strong – nearly as strong. If the images Bacchiocchi has scanned in and put on his website can be verified, they will certainly need to provide an explanation to back up their claims, if that is their intent. If his images cannot be verified, it’s still a case of his word against theirs. But on both sides, the words are strong.”

Korsman does point out that Bacchiocchi has addressed only one aspect of the concerns regarding his work/qualifications that have been raised. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see Bacchiocchi’s response to the issues surrounding his publication of From Sabbath to Sunday.



  1. According to a comment at a blog post at http://sda2rc.blogspot.com/2006/11/bacchiocchi-last-word.html, the Kalamazoo diocese is waiting for a written assessment from Bacchiocchi, and Bacchiocchi seems to be waiting for them to phone him to present his evidence in person. So there is a lot of misunderstanding going on.

    It would probably be a good idea for people to gently e-mail / write / phone Gregorian and/or Kalamazoo diocese to suggest a review of the matter.

  2. Oh dear … correct url = http://sda2rc.blogspot.com/2006/11/bacchiocchi-last-word.html it didn’t like the comma.

    So I don’t waste an unnecessary post, here’s some info from someone attending his talks in Australia:

    “he’ll be spending a little bit of time on Tuesday and Wednesday writing Part 2 of the controversy and will finish it after his speaking engagements here in Australia”

    And Bacchiocchi’s words from a tape recording of one:

    “I will be submitting all my documentation and I’m going to ask them to respond in 60 days otherwise we are going to take legal action”

    So the end is in sight.

  3. Thanks for the update Stephen. Your suggestion of writing to the Kalamazoo diocese is a good one. It does seem that it is time we heard further from either the diocese (or even better–the Pontifical Gregorian University itself).

  4. Could you direct me to a site where I can read more about the controversy concerning Dr. Bacchiocchi’s credentials?
    Thank you.
    James Storrs

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