ASDAH: The Association of SDA Historians

October 11, 2006

Newsflash: There is an association for SDA Historians!

Question: Why have you never heard of it?

Answer: Because they do not have a website & apparently make little or no attempt at advertising their existence.

FYI: The President of ASDAH is Dr Ciro Sepulveda csepulveda@oakwood.edu. ASDAH has a conference (their tri-annual meeting) next year at Oakwood College, April 19-22, 2007. The theme is “Adventism, Change and identity.” Proposals are invited in all areas of history: Adventist, African, European, Latin American etc. You can submit proposals to Dr Nigel Barham nbarham@oakwood.edu. I hope to attend & present a paper–if my employer can come up with some funding!



  1. Greetings good historian,

    I just discovered you and am glad to learn of your sharp interest in Adventist history.

    I first read Number’s seminal Prophetness of Health as a 1st year college student and appreciated the perspective that pastness brings to religion. Feel free to stop by the pro-history Spectrum Blog anytime.

  2. Hey!

    Saw you on my incoming link tracker.
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! The favor has been returned :)

    I was lucky enough to write a review of Ron Numbers for AToday. read it here
    Embarrassingly yours..
    yet strongly pro-history as well,

    Ciro Sepulveda is a great guy. He is at Oakwood now? I’ll have to email him!

  3. Thanks for the comments, I keep track of both the Spectrum & Johnny & Friends blogs.

  4. The idea of an Association of SDA Historians was first suggested at the 1919 Bible Conference. It would not be until the 1970s that a generation of professional historians would start to work together to try and meet together. This early start fizzled but in 1998 Ben McArthur, chair of the history department at Southern Adventist University, revitalized the group and it was decided to meet every three years. In 2004 the group met at Pacific Union College, and in 2001 the group met at Andrews University. The Association of SDA Historians as you pointed out will meet next at Oakwood College. Those who are professional historians or who teach history at the college or academy level are welcome to contact the history department at Andrews University to have their name added to the newsletter list which is published annually (Brian Strayer is currently the editor of the newsletter).

  5. Thanks for the brief history Michael. I guess my major point here is still a lack of publicity–why no website? How is recruitment–particularly of non-North-American scholars to take place? Why not publish the annual newsletter online? Why doesn’t the conference itself seem to have a webpage? What about papers presented at past conferences?
    The same problem exists with the Adventist Society for Religious Studies (ASRS) of which I am a member–again no website, no publication of newsletters or past papers online etc.
    Compare this with the website of the Adventist Theological Society: http://www.atsjats.org/

  6. I think that your suggestion of having a web site (both for ASDAH and ASRS [which I also happen to be a member of and will be presenting a paper at next month in Washington, DC]) is that there needs to be financial resources for both of these organizations to create a website and post these materials online. As an active member of ASDAH I know at a number of past meetings the topic of a website has been strongly urged, but no one with the skills and resources has as of yet come forward to make that happen. At one point I even owned the domain name “asdah.org” to try and get such a web site off the ground but I couldn’t find an institution that would be willing to host it for me. Now that domain names are much cheaper and the ability to create a website is simplified perhaps such an endeavor could happen this time round. The real problem is that historians are by nature generally cerebral and less inclined toward publicizing themselves. As it turns out, despite a web site, the organization continues to have well-attended conferences with representation from Adventist historians overseas. The bottom line is financial resources and a long-term commitment to make sure that a web site isn’t just created but maintained on an on-going basis.

  7. PS: One more thing, the difference with the Adventist Theological Society is that they have a very wealthy patron who is able to finance such a nice looking web site that includes podcasts of their conferences, etc.

  8. Oh c’mon though–you’re telling me that of all our institutions around the world, NONE is prepared to host a simple webpage for ASDAH? There are free webpages as ad-filled & annoying as they may be; or what about a page in the form of a blog?
    I know ASRS used to have a webpage & when I attended their meeting in Toronto I pleaded with them to maintain it–it was the only way in which someone like myself–at the time I was a non-US PhD student at a non-SDA instituation–was able to find out any information on the society. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have.
    Regarding ASDAH, a websearch reveals my pages, an old Adventist Today article: http://www.atoday.com/461.0.html, an old news announcement on the Southern website:
    http://history.southern.edu/historicalcolumns/ASHDAH_Conference.php and a very outdated page on the American Historians Association: http://www.historians.org/affiliates/assn_7thday_hisn.htm
    Apart from my pages, I can’t even find an announcement on the upcoming conference at Oakwood.

    Yes, it is amazing what can be done with a rich sponsor. Since neither ASDAH nor ASRS have one, they need to be creative–we can surely do better than this!

    (In order that I’m not seen as a complainer without any solutions, I’ll volunteer my limited services in any way that may be of assistance.)

  9. We must raise the question of lack of a webiste at the Oakwood conference!

  10. Hi Ann, thanks for dropping by. I’m pleased to announce that ASDAH has at least a website for the conference itself: http://www.oakwood.edu/history/subsite1/ASDAH/ASDAH%20ind.htm

    I’m equally pleased to say that I have funding to come & so I hope to see you there!

  11. i woud like to know as litlle more about the number 666, have you any document please, Thanks!!!

  12. I am pleased to say that ASDAH now has an official website at:


    as from 2013, after the ASDAH Conference at Union College. You may download papers presented at the most recent three ASDAH conferences. Please feel free to have a look, and give feedbacks.

    If you have any item/information worthy of sharing, please send it to me at lobw@uwec.edu. I shall be happy to post them on the site.

  13. Can I get church history books!

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